Investment Opportunity

B2B FMCG Online Trade Facilitator

The company:

A one-stop shop in Nigeria for local market vendors, aggregating their orders for over currently 700 products, connecting them with distributors and producers.

The company alleviates the challenge from local market vendors stocking up, by providing a single platform which enables them to order from a wide variety of distributors and producers. On the flip side, the company provides consumer level data to distributors and producers and acts as a volume feeder.

The main focus of the company is to integrate the informal market retailers (who account for around 90% of all trade in Nigeria) into the formal supply chain.

Bootstrapping from inception, the company has grown to a revenue of over USD 1 million in less than a year.

The opportunity:

Accredited investors are invited to participate in a growth investment round in this company. To streamline the process, we are using the Vauban platform. For more information on the company, its team, the deal structure etc. please click on this link and register.